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Why the air that you’re breathing in your home can make or break your healthy lifestyle & what to do about it.

Recently, during a visit from my kid brother Jeff (who I’ll refer to as “Bro” because we rarely to never call one another by our given names), was visiting us from Arizona and admiring our cool ranch. (Or so I thought).

After giving me a knowing nod (The Bro nod of approval), my kid Bro caught me off-guard and handed me a dirty Kleenex. Aghast, I asked why he’d just handed me his used snot-rag? Bro smiled sardonically and replied: “Bro, I just wiped that tissue across your return in your Master Bedroom…that dirt? That’s what your vents look like. You need to get those cleaned Bro. What’s more important than the air in your home?”
I had to admit, that as someone who’d noticed in the past two week’s that the air in our home had a stale scent, Bro had a solid point. I turned to him and said: “I’m taking care of this ASAP!”

So…while it’s important to ensure that the air in your home is fresh, clean and free of dirt, dust, filth, mold (and in our case foundation pebbles) believe it or not, what’s just as important is the company you choose to ensure that you guarantee you align all your “ducts in a row!” (My apologies, I couldn’t wait to deploy that comment-Ha!
Needless to say, after investigating my options and speaking to 3 well-known companies, including one who’d been in business 30 year’s, the one company I could not overlook was Angel’s Duct Cleaning, a small company out of the city of Chicago that’s quickly gaining a reputation for being the best at what they do in Illinois.

Of the 3 companies I interviewed, owner Angel Zelaya provided the best follow-through, was never too busy to answer any and all my questions, provided clear, easy to comprehend explanations and while not the least expensive choice, when I compared Angel’s Organic, Holistic and most importantly, thorough approach, I considered his expertise to be top-shelf and the cost a small price to pay for healthy, fresh air in my precious home. The answer that solidified choosing Angel’s Duct Cleaning services was Angel’s no-hype mission statement that he enthusiastically said directly to me on the phone: “The true reason I love what I do is I love providing families and individuals with clean air to breathe. I get great satisfaction when I transform someone’s house, townhouse or apartment into a healthy environment!”

Angel went on to say: “You’d be surprised to discover how many homeowner’s and renter’s have never once had their air ducts cleaned.” As someone who exercises and eats clean the majority of the time, it’s really imperative that the air in our home is fresh. Angel’s attitude was so refreshing and my brother’s (Bro’s) reality check was so influential, that, while Angel offer’s several workable options and choices for duct cleaning, I couldn’t resist taking him up on his company’s Premium Plus package.

Our medium sized ranch is on a 3rd of an acre, however our main floor and basement are equal in square footage, e.g. 1,720 square feet per floor. We have a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home with a glass enclosed, 3-season room that overlooks our yard and our deck. After having re-done every room in our home but our family room, which resembles a northern Wisconsin log home, (that I love/our favorite room), no matter how good a home appears, the guts of the interior are the most important aspect to healthy living.

Therefore, wholesale adjustments were in order, beginning with taking our ranch home from dirty, dusty air to the freshest in the neighborhood!

Angel’s Duct Cleaning is a Chicago-based family business that’s been in existence for 2 years. After working for another company for several year’s, Angel decided to embrace the American dream by starting his own company and then hiring the best employee’s he could find-several family member’s that include his sister, his Nephew and other’s dedicated to growing Angel’s family business from the ground up. Needless to say, Angel deployed an entire team, including himself and from the moment they showed up, Angel and crew attacked the job and spun into action by taking the following steps:
First, they attached a negative air pressure vacuum machine with HEPA filters on the main trunk lines. This negative air pressure removes lose debris from the entire system. A system without proper maintenance can accumulate dust and debris over years if left un-cleaned, obviously. To properly clean the system Angel uses long 25ft roto brushes that rotate inside the air ducts, loosening the dust and debris that has been sitting for many years. They use the same brushes inside the supply vents, returns, and main trunk lines of the furnace, through 2 1/2 panels. Furthermore, they then remove the panels and insert the long brushes to get any dust or debris that has been left or possibly missed. The panels are then sealed with special covers that seal any future leaks and prevent any dust or debris from ever leaking out. While the cleaning is important, sometimes the organic sanitation treatment is required or recommended based on the condition of the air ducts. Angel’s Duct Cleaning uses special air compressors that spray a completely safe liquid inside the main trunk lines, while simultaneously, running the system, so it can spread to the other air duct lines. This liquid dries in about 20 minutes. the primary purpose of the sanitation is to disinfect the entire system, which only works during the cleaning process. In some cases, the customers have bad cases of breathing problems so Angel’s team installs an air purifier system (UV LIGHTS)! These types of systems are made to keep indoor air quality free of viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens. These systems are installed inside the air ducts and the air is cleaned 24/7, making your home more conducive for breathing. This is a deep air duct cleaning process done the right way, following all standards. Angel explained that their brand of air duct cleaning service is both cost effective and time efficient. “Our comprehensive air duct cleaning and purifying would normally take about 1-3 hours depending in the conditions of the air ducts and the number of units a home has.” Quite impressive and worth every penny to ensure healthy, clean air circulating through our home, worry-free.

Angel provides concise, clear explanations, answers any and all questions, provides solution based answers, demystifies homeowner’s and renter’s concerns about clean air in your personal environment, and personally ensure’s that his quality control is included on every job. His crew is friendly, professional, attentive and detail oriented. Angel genuinely cares about his client’s and in the end, the final results are spectacular. He’s the kind of business owner/Entrepreneur homeowner’s and renter’s can feel good about hiring. His reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp and other online rating services are in a word: Impeccable. For a reason: Angel Zelaya is a positive force to be reckoned with, one company that as a home owner, I’m proud to have hired to mitigate the dirt and dust in our otherwise beautiful home’s air duct system.

Any individual or family with young children, babies or elderly members will appreciate the healthful benefit of breathing fresh air in their most important environment-their homes!

To ensure that the air is fresh and free of dirt, dust, mites, mold and allergen’s, contact Angel directly, by calling: 312-785-4129 or access them on the web at: choose the package that best fits your home, apartment, condo or townhouse. (I chose the Premium Plus package for it’s great value for our family).

By Dylan Jordan

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