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Our Pricing | Residential & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning


As you know ADC offers two different deep cleaning services.

A). Our premium service which we take pride in performing better than other companies. It’s deeper, cleaner, and lasts longer. We use 25 ft long cable that removes everything that is stuck together and uses powerful suction to remove dust out of your entire central air system It takes about two to three hours to complete the entire process.

B). Our Standard duct cleaning service is the same as what you get with every company. We use a rotary brush, viper brush, and high-pressure cleaning equipment same as others. We use an air compressor brush with different attachments connected to an air compressor hose that removes dust with air pressure and it’s good to do it every 2 years to keep the system clean. It takes about one to two hours to complete the entire process.

B is not our high demand service but we have it in case you’re looking for a budget-friendly fair valued market price something affordable same price as the rest of the company’s starting at $249.00 up to 1,500sqf it takes 1-2 hours depending in the unit.

Are you wondering how much cost duct cleaning & dryer vent cleaning for your residential, multi units & Industrial facility?

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Standard affordable deep air duct cleaning package
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Flat-rate Deep cleaning all vents, returns, and main trunk lines with air compressor brush under negative and positive air pressure to a single furnace

*up to 1,500 sqft. Budget friendly package

Premium (Rotor Brush) deep air duct cleaning package
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Deep cleaning, ROTOR BRUSH under negative pressure, unlimited supplies vents, returns, and main trunk line to a single furnace. One set of sanitation treatment. Basic furnace cleaning + Dryer vent cleaning

Recommended for first-time homeowners, with big units or houses with more than 6 air returns. Watch Premium Deep cleaning Video

Package 1 - Yearly Maintenance

Open in vacuum unlimited number of supply vents and returns under negative pressure to a single furnace, furnace inspection, and basic dryer vent cleaning

Package 2 - Deep cleaning

Unlimited number of supply vents one main duct one return agitated with 25ft long roto brush to a single furnace, furnace inspection and basic dryer vent cleaning free deodorizer
Recommended for condos, apartments, Mobil homes, Slab houses (Small units)

Package 3 - Deep dryer vent cleaning

Up to 15ft long
Deep cleaning inside/outside $99.00 per unit minimum of 4 units
Multiple air duct cleaning units please call for information (appointment required)

Package 4 - Loft special

Deep roto brush cleaning supply for up to 50 ft. long. Agitated with roto brush under negative pressure
*Additional charges may apply for commercial property

UV light air purification system cleaner
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Agitated under negative pressure, unlimited supplies vents, returns, and main trunk lines to a single furnace.

  • Sanitation treatment | Basic furnace cleaning | Dryer vent cleaning
  • Call for more detail
Premium Air Brushing
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Unlimited air ducts supply vents, returns, & main ducts. Deep airbrushing under negative air pressure, up to one furnace(unit). Furnace cleaning. Sanitation treatment. Under up to 1,500 sqft. Recommended for every 2 years

Air Purification System UV Lights
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Air purification system Uv Lights available,  including installation and 1-year warranty
Air care products. Call for more information

Restoration Air Duct Cleaning
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This duct cleaning service is for extremely dirty air ducts that require deep cleaning with a rotor brush and airbrushing together Disinfectant is also included, we sanitize up to 3 times to make sure everything is nice and clean from germ and viruses, and finally a furnace cleaning along with a dryer vent cleaning.

Please note: this cleaning is not based on the size of your house or the number of air ducts your house has. This cleaning is based on how dirty the air ducts are and the time needed to get the cleaning done.
Between 3-4 hours or more if is required. We repair covers too! Just ask us.

Basic Furnace Cleaning
Deep Furnace Cleaning
Deep Blower Cleaning
Deep Blower Motor Cleaning
Bathroom Fan Exhaust Cleaning for residential Units
$60 / Each
Multiple Dryer Vents
$99 / Each
Bathroom Fan Blower Motor Cleaning for Commercial Style Units
$100-$150 / Each
Flex Dryer Vents Installation
$60.00 + Parts
Dryer Vent Covers Installation
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