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  • What is air duct cleaning Maintenance?
  • Air duct cleaning maintenance is when we connect a big negative air pressure machine attached it to the air ducts creating suction taking loose dust and debris from inside the system , which is recommended to do yearly to prevent dust from getting stuck inside the air ducts.
  • When this happens bacteria, mildew, germs, and fungus grow inside the system (air ducts) which can cause you to have allergies, general breathing problems and bad indoor air quality
  • Dust builds up inside the system making the air flow weak and preventing the air flow from being strong making your system work harder, wasting energy and gas.
  • Humidity and dust make smells come out of the vents. This normally happens when you don’t give regular maintenance to your System.
  •  If you have pets it’s easier for hair and dust to get stuck inside the air ducts. Pets are very sensitive which makes them have allergies so this is one of the many reasons to get your air ducts clean to keep your family and pets safe from bad quality air.
  • Normally people spend around 12 hours inside their home- this means 12 hours of bad air quality.
  • Dust on top of your furniture makes cleaning difficult and tedious because there is always dust around the house.
  • Healthy air and the best breathing indoor air Quality is our Goal.
  • What is deep air duct cleaning?
  • Deep cleaning needs to be done between 3 to 5 years.
  • A system without maintenance collects a lot of dust inside the air ducts, specially the returns when you turn your system on it brings air to your furnace as well as dust which makes your filter dirtier faster restraining the air flow that comes in to the furnace, wasting energy and gas.
  • When your air ducts are dirty your house takes longer to get Warm or Cool increasing your electricity and gas bill each month.
  • Getting your air ducts and furnace clean up can make it efficient, faster and stronger.
  • How we do the Deep Cleaning?
  • Our Technician will guide you thru the process:
  • Attaching a negative air pressure machine connected to the main trunk line creates  powerful suction which takes loose dust from the system,we then open each one of the registers and supply vents inserting a 25 feet long brush that makes the dust loose inside the pipes ,while the brush is cleaning the system the big negative air pressure machine is creating suction to clean all the access panels, we then cover the access panels with plastic to create a stronger negative air pressure
  • A deep cleaning can take up to 5 hours depending on the side of the house and the condition of the air ducts.
  • Our Equipment 
  • Special equipment for Air Duct Cleaning
  • HEPA Negative Air Pressure machines
  • Powerful Rotating Long brushes
  • Sanitation Treatment with Air compressors
  • Air Purification System: 
  • UV Lights- system that purifies the air 24/7, kills germs (bacteria, and mold) with the latest Technology, Safe your family and Pets (feel free to ask our technician what type of UV Light is the best fit for System.
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