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Because of the long-term usage, the air ducts get contaminated and this is a major threat for you, as you will be inhaling contaminated air. The inhaling of the contaminated air will cause serious diseases like lung infection and lung cancer. You ought to be concerned about the contamination in the ducts. For this, a frequent investigation is required. If you are living in a dusty area then you ought to take much care, as the air from outside contain a considerable measure of dust and when they go through the duct, the dust will settle at the bending of the duct. This causes a damage to entire air duct. The dust settled in the filters of ducts will also make blockage in the system so a routine inspection is required for the ducts at-least once in a month.

You’ve probably heard about the preliminary measures being taken by homeowners across the world in view of newly found information about indoor air quality. When homeowners are faced with concerns regards to their home’s air quality they’re going to do all that is important to improve the conditions. In spite of the fact that cleaning air ducts has not turned into an absolutely necessary requirement for improved air quality, it may not be a bad idea.

When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, there are three events that ought to prompt a homeowner to have the air ducts cleaned. If you feel you need to hire a specialist then you must also be sure that this specialist is going to clean each part of the system. If one aspect is dismissed, it will further contaminate whatever is left of the system.

  1. Mold- Somehow mold appears to deplete the state of most things within a home. Mold plays a huge role when considering home repairs, whether you’re thinking about cleaning your carpets, air ducts or basement. So mold should be removed if you detect it in any section of your cooling and heating system. The reason you should hire a professional for removal of the mold and cleaning of the area is because specialist knows how to remove mold and its sources. Anybody can wipe away mold, but a specialist can wipe out the mold!
  2. Vermin- If it’s inundated by insects or vermin, then a specialist ought to be hired to clean them out to remove the insects or vermin and all their debris.
  3. Expelled Debris/Dust- The ducts will undoubtedly have dust particles, but the ducts shouldn’t contain sufficiently high volume of dust and debris that it pours out of the ducts and into your home.

The Cleaning Techniques

When you hire a professional to clean your home’s air ducts, he/she may use different cleaning techniques keeping in mind the end goal to ensure the cleanest results. Some professionals use air washing, air whips and power brushing.

  • Air Washing: With a compressor, hose, air nozzle, and collection system, your professional can remove the debris that is found in your home’s air duct. The compressor forces high-pressure air through the nozzle at high speed designed to blow the debris into the collection system. You do not need to worry about debris being blown around your home, because everything will be collected.
  • Air Whips: These are used to dislodge any debris that is firmly nuzzled inside the air duct. Sometimes the air washing isn’t strong enough to wiggle out the debris, so the air whips are used to disarrange the debris enough for it to loosen and be collected for removal.
  • Power Brushing: This procedure maximizes the chances of loosening the air duct debris, followed by air washing to further ensure the perfect clean.

Professional duct cleaning services can clear your duct system so that it starts circulating healthier breathing air. Improve the quality of the air that you breathe in and protect your health with air duct cleaning services.

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